• Remain Fit
    Remain Fit
    If you are seeking a Personal Trainer to change your body shape, then you have come to the right place
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  • Getting Started
    Getting Started
    Getting Started with Resistance Training
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Services We Provide

Sport Specific Programs

Earning a meritorious degree in Sports Science led to my position as Strength Coach with South Sydney NRL team in the mid 90’s.

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Contest Preparation

I have “been there, done that” many times in regard to contest preparation. I have competed with distinction all around the world

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Resistance Training

Getting Started with Resistance Training Making your steps onto the gym floor can be intimidating. I can remember my first ever weights

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Strength Training

Although strength increases with resistance work in all programs, gaining peak strength requires very specific training parameters.

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Physique Transformation

Losing body fat, gaining muscle, creating your desired look – these goals can be achieved using strategies developed

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Programs / Diets

If you have enough motivation to train solo, then all you need is to follow a well structured training plan and diet.

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"The gym is full of people who are interested in only one person while they are in that environment – Themselves!"


  • I have known Paul Haslam for the past several years now, being trained sometimes from a day to day basis, In this time I have been so impressed with his professionalism and commitment and his extremely high work ethic. Paul has an amazing knowledge about fitness, weight training and staying healthy and it’s not a […]

    Brett Lee
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    I’ve known Paul since 2004 and his knowledge of the human body in strength, fitness and sculpting is without doubt the one of the best that I’ve come across throughout in my career. As long as you’re committed, Paul will help you achieve any fitness goal

    Geoff Huegill
  • FACT: If you want to build a great body you need a great coach. I chose Paul for his years of experience – he has walked the walk having won coveted Mr Australia title several times among many other elite BB competitions. Physique transformation comes down to nutrition and training; you MUST focus on both. […]

    Geoff Jowett

Contest Preparation

Vesna Leith

I seeked the guidance of Australian bodybuilding icon Paul Haslam – a man whose skills and name have long been synonymous with the top tier elements within the sport. Paul and I work well together. He listens to my goals and advises me on the best possible pathways to achieve those goals. What I like […]


Chris Kavaloss

I started training with Paul in a bid to pursue my dream of becoming a Bodybuilder. What I have achieved with Pauls over 40 year experience, knowledge and guidance is remarkable. I started my journey 4yrs ago after a severe motorcycle accident that left me with injuries that required immense training

IFBB Mr Australia

Suzanna Petrich

My success in fitness industry wouldn’t have been possible without Paul Haslam. With his guidance I went from being a beginner at the gym to a WBFF Bikini Pro, winning Arnold’s fitness model search, and being on the cover of Women’s Health & Fitness magazine in less than two years! Paul is one of the […]


"Those with the most intimidating bodies are the least to worry about because of their level of obsession"