If you are seeking a Personal Trainer to change your body shape, then you have come to the right place

Paul Haslam

I believe I Paul Haslam offer one of the best combinations of education and experience that you will find anywhere in Australia. A combination that will enable you to achieve your goals, in the shortest and most efficient time possible.

The physique/fitness lifestyle has been my consuming passion since I started training at age 14. Starting from a backyard weightlifting gym I was seduced by sights and sounds of pumping iron and the transformations that could be got with a little effort and perspiration. With my natural hormones being produced in abundance I soon grew bigger and stronger, enough to win the Australian Youth Olympic Weight Lifting title before my 17th birthday and a second place at the Nationals while still only 20 years old.After declining a place at the then newly formed AIS, I turned to Body Building, initially to fill out parts of my physique neglected by Olympic lifting. I soon found myself on the competition stage and after an encouraging debut went on to win numerous state titles, back to back Mr. Australia’s as well as representing my country in International contests in Europe and the USA.

All the while I was devouring any and all information I could lay my hands on with regard to fitness and training. After high school it was straight to University to study Physical Education, at the time the only relevant tertiary course available. I combined casual teaching during the day with gym instructing during the evening until eventually owning and operating my own Fitness Centre in Newcastle. My insatiable desire for more knowledge led me to study Sports Science after my competitive career ended,culminating in a course topping meritorious degree in Sports Science (UNSW).

I have since gained my CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) qualifications with the prestigious NSCA-USA (National Strength and Conditioning Association). I believe that you never stop learning which is why I subscribe to the Journal of Sports Science Research and the Strength and Conditioning Journal to keep up to date with the very latest research in the field.

By choosing myself as a trainer you will be guided on a path, a direct route to how you want to perform and look. I have experienced the pitfalls and mistakes and tried the fads. From these you will be spared, ensuring you will get the best possible results.