Personal Training

By engaging myself as a personal trainer you will benefit from:

  • My 40+ years of training experience
  • My 35+ years of being actively employed in the Fitness Industry
  • My relevant academic university level knowledge (B.Sports Science-merit, B.Phys. Ed)
  • My experience in competing up to International level physique contests

I aim to fulfil your goals in the most effective and time efficient manner. I treat everyone on an individual basis and shun group sessions where everyone completes the same workout. In my opinion everyone should have their own tailored program, however, if two people share the same goals, then it may make more economic sense to pair up for a workout.
I specialise in:

Sport Specific Programs

Earning a meritorious degree in Sports Science led to my position as Strength Coach with South Sydney NRL team in the mid 90’s.

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Contest Preparation

I have “been there, done that” many times in regard to contest preparation. I have competed with distinction all around the world

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Resistance Training

Getting Started with Resistance Training Making your steps onto the gym floor can be intimidating. I can remember my first ever weights

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Strength Training

Although strength increases with resistance work in all programs, gaining peak strength requires very specific training parameters.

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Physique Transformation

Losing body fat, gaining muscle, creating your desired look – these goals can be achieved using strategies developed

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Programs / Diets

If you have enough motivation to train solo, then all you need is to follow a well structured training plan and diet.

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