Gym Based Fat Loss

11 Dec
  1. Use compound movements–compound movements are those that involve more than one joint. Examples are Squats, Leg Press, LatPulldowns, Bench Presses.The more muscle mass activation involved with these exercises equals more energy burn. Compound exercises also lead to more muscle gain which leads to elevated BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). BMR is a slow burn, but is goes 24/7, that translates into significant figures over time.
  2. Stand rather than sit– standing requires more muscle used (mainly core) = more energy burn.
  3. Supersets– less rest, more work per unit of time = more energy burnt per unit of time.
  4. Add explosive exercises – high energy burnt per unit of time, much more than conventional lifting speeds. Jump Squats, Clap Push Ups are examples.
  5. Circuit Training – with minimal rest. This mode of training is more for maintenance of muscle rather than building. However there is much more energy burnt per session. Even though the intensity (in weight lifted) is down, the less rest/more activity compensates in kilojoule terms.
  6. Combination Movements–two exercises combined as one.More muscles involved = more energy burn. Examples are Clean and Press, DBell Bench and DBell Row, Front Squat and Bent Row.