Brett Lee

I have known Paul Haslam for the past several years now, being trained sometimes from a day to day basis, In this time I have been so impressed with his professionalism and commitment and his extremely high work ethic. Paul has an amazing knowledge about fitness, weight training and staying healthy and it’s not a coincidence that Paul got me into the best shape of my life, and the reason why I’m still representing Australia in cricket at the age of nearly 36.

A great bloke with a heart of gold, and a person that always puts others first. Thanks mate to all blood sweat and sometimes tears and helping shape my career so far! Brett Lee 2013

Geoff Huegill

“I’ve known Paul since 2004 and his knowledge of the human body in strength, fitness and sculpting is without doubt the one of the best that I’ve come across throughout in my career. As long as you’re committed, Paul will help you achieve any fitness goal”

Charlie Rahme
Age 44.
June 2012.

In the first eight weeks of training I lost 6.9% body fat (measured scientifically using a DEXA bodyscan for body composition). My overall weight did not change much. That was because whilst I lost 6.8 kgs in fat mass I gained 5.4 kgs of lean muscle – I was so happy with the body transformation and it was all thanks to Paul’s exceptional expertise and support. Of course, I continue to train and utilise Paul’s support.

When deciding on a trainer, I decided to go with Paul as I wanted to focus my training with weights and he was highly respected and regarded by clients and his peers (I know because I enquired!). Paul also was the right choice as I had right rotator cuff damage. Paul’s experience and knowledge has allowed me to regain strength and rebuild muscle mass in my right shoulder. Not many trainers are as skilled as Paul at understanding body mechanics to be able to effectively adapt training methods and techniques for someone with a complex injury.

I highly recommend Paul whether it be starting out or taking you to that next level – the results will speak for themselves!

Geoff Jowett

FACT: If you want to build a great body you need a great coach.
I chose Paul for his years of experience – he has walked the walk having won coveted Mr Australia title several times among many other elite BB competitions.
Physique transformation comes down to nutrition and training; you MUST focus on both. Paul knows more about both of these areas than any other trainer I know and his relaxed, fun, yet focused style works for me.
I am pretty intense. Paul rounds me out and helps me stay focused without over thinking the whole thing. If you want a great body, you must give Paul a try
I’d been a PT for over a decade (Founded Vision PT in 1999) and have worked in the health/wellness categories for over 15 years (Founder Bodytrim). I consider myself the #1 authority on weight loss and physique transformation having helped over half a million Aussies lose weight with Bodytrim.
So for me to choose Paul to help me – that should speak volumes.
He is the guru. The legend, the only guy I trust and turn to for advice as I prepare for the Aussie titles in October. Together we can win – without him – no chance in the world.Paul is without a doubt the most knowledgeable trainer I know and his client list speaks for itself. Athletes, celebs, high profile biz owners all turn to Paul because they demand the best
Do yourself a favour – let Paul map out your flight path to a stronger, healthier, new you

Sam Illiopolous

I have been training for over 20 years and in that time have gathered a lot of knowledge of how to train and eat correctly to get big and lean. However, when it came to competing and being the best I can be I always turn to Paul to help me achieve my goals. I have won multiple national titles under his tutelage and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their physique.

James Mani

Dear Paul

I writing to you to you to say a big thank you, as you know since training with you and having you as my coach and mentor you have changed my life. Not only from a physical point of view but a mental one as well.
I started training with you in 2010 and since then I have made so many personal milestones especially that of winning the 2012 NSW IFBB Novice Body Building title and coming Runner Up in Australia for the national title for the same award.

Your training has given me hope and belief that anything in life is possible, I came up with the conclusion that not all trainers are good trainers..sometimes it takes a champion who has been in the industry competing and coaching for many years to really bring out the best in a person, and that person would be you.

When i was 27 my local GP told me that if I didn’t sort my health out by the time I was 35 I would have many medical and personal issues to deal with, how ironic that by my 36 birthday I had my sights on to compete in bodybuilding and have the belief that I could win. You have had me lose so much body fat and bring mass amounts of muscle tone out which I thought was impossible to do. I always wanted to be the guy in the magazine with the sharp toned body and in April 2012 this year I was in the Australian addition of FLEX Bodybuilding magazine. These milestones and goals could not have been achieved without your assistance and guidance, even after 2 years of training with you I am still learning so much about my body and its ability. I just want to say a big thank you for making me believe and seeing the potential in me to achieve dreams once I thought were impossible.

I wouldn’t recommend any other trainer other than you Paul. It takes a champion to make a champion and your definitely the best.

Jeremy Rolleston

I have represented Australia at two Winter Olympics (2006, 2010) and two World Championships in the sport of Bobsleigh as well as various Australian teams/squads during my time in Rugby Union. I have known many coaches in this time. Paul is clearly an elite coach. He understands an athlete’s full-time training regime; adjusts for daily variations in training and/or injuries; he understands everything well enough to explain the “why to the how” for exercises and programs; he understands the motivations of his athletes and what fires them up; gives good advice on supplements and his training is completely specific for that athlete/event despite coaching athletes in numerous sports.
I cannot recommend Paul high enough. He would be a valuable resource for any team or individual athlete.

Brett Hawke

As formerly Australia’s fastest swimmer, it is my honour to provide Paul with an endorsement. He served as my personal trainer during my preparation for the 2002 Commonwealth Games, 2002 Pan Pacific Championships and the 2003 World Swimming Championships. I sought his expertise in a wide range of fitness aspects. These include, but were not limited to, strength training, cross training programming, psychological preparation, as well as nutrition and supplemental advice.

While under Paul’s direction I achieved some outstanding results. I won a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games breaking the Commonwealth Games record. At the Pan Pacific’s I won a bronze medal and I also placed in the final at the World’s.

I have competed at two Olympic games (2000, 2004) being a finalist both times and since retiring from competition have coached athletes to Olympic Gold medals. Not only is Paul one of the most knowledgeable trainers I have come across in my years as member of the Australian Swim Team, he is also a great motivator. I always found him to be very well organised and professional in his approach.