Chris Kavaloss

IFBB Mr Australia

I started training with Paul in a bid to pursue my dream of becoming a Bodybuilder. What I have achieved with Pauls over 40 year experience, knowledge and guidance is remarkable.

I started my journey 4yrs ago after a severe motorcycle accident that left me with injuries that required immense training and Physiotherapy. Pauls immense knowledge of the human body and nutrition plus caring nature has meant that we have both worked very hard together to achieve goals. I have lost over 30kg (from 140kg to 110kg) and been able to keep my body fat low and maintain lean muscle. Over years of training with Paul I am able to squat 300kg and press over 500kg! With all the hard work and dedication, I have won numerous titles such as Amateur Olympia, NSW State Title 3 times and also became Mr Australia in 2017.

Paul is very encouraging, supportive, professional and a great man to work with. I have no qualms in referring him to anybody wanting to improve their health and fitness or for anyone wanting to enter into the competitive side of the industry.